A home is a tremendous investment, and to move forward with an offer or a sale it is important to have confidence.  It is important to have people in your corner whom you trust, and who will effectively communicate to you about a home’s condition.  A home inspection will reduce much of the unknown about a property and provides the services of a professional with a trained eye who can look into the bones of the house, and let you know in clear language the status of major systems.

As your home inspector, I will work my way through your house, from top to bottom and report on the functionality and life expectancy of systems present.  I will communicate to you where your house stands in terms of maintenance needs and when appropriate; will advise the services of a professional in any particular area of concern.  My goal is to make sure that you as the client have complete confidence in the condition of your home.

I live in Seattle and work throughout the Puget Sound including King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.  If you are outside this area, and are interested in my services, please call for availability.